Homeless outreach

The goals of the Homeless Project are to

1. Learn more about the issues of homelessness and to destigmatize homelessness.

2. Show the people that someone does care and to make someone else’s day a little bit better.

Our involvement with the homelessness include sandwich runs, umbrella painting, and volunteering at the homeless shelter. Interacting with the homeless won’t give us complete understanding of the issue of homelessness, but it will give us insight and make us more open minded.

For pictures of our events, see them on EOH’s facebook page.

Sandwich Runs

Sandwich Runs are a way to interact with the homeless on the street. A typical Run has volunteers gathering to make sandwich bags first, having dinner together, then going out to the shelter and onto the streets to find the homeless.

Of course, by providing one nutritious meal, this does not solve that person’s plight. The aims of Sandwich Runs reflect the goals of the Homeless Project: to destigmatize homelessness and to show that person that someone recognizes him/her. The sandwiches, then, are an ‘ice breaker’ to start conversations with those on the streets. (And the conversations can get quite interesting!)

For participants, the Sandwich Run also allows them to meet new people, make new friends and have fun!

Umbrella Painting

Umbrella Painting is literally that: painting on umbrellas.

Easel Eyes of Hope members have been volunteering at the Out of the Cold program at Knox Church every Tuesday night to serve food to street-involved youth. After serving dinner, members and the youth paint on umbrellas as a form of engagement and interaction through art. It has been really amazing to see some of the youth become more open to us throughout our time there!

Each workshop is run by 4-5 volunteers from Eyes of Hope – no artistic skills required. If you’re interested in Umbrella Painting, we’ll be holding a few sessions this summer – keep an eye out for the announcement!

Homeless Shelter (Scott Mission)

Scott MissionThe purpose of volunteering at Scott Mission is to serve meals to the homeless while meeting new people and making new friends.

At Scott Mission, we help prep food and the tables, serve a hot lunch to people from all walks of life, and then clean up. And finally, we sit down with fellow volunteers for a lunch as well!

How Can I Help?

Sign up and attend one of our events! Opportunities are posted on our home page when they become available.

We always welcome new members to join our committee to take charge of organizing new/existing events that will help children in need. Please e-mail eyesofhope[at]utoronto[dot]ca for more information.


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