General Questions

Is Eyes of Hope for Engineering students only?

  • The short answer: no! EOH is open to all students; whether you’re from Arts and Science or Engineering, in undergrad or grad school, you’re welcome at EOH!

How do I join Eyes of Hope?

I’d like to join EOH/lead events, but how much time do I need to commit?

  • As much as you want and are able to! Though one of EOH’s goals is to better our community, we also want you to enjoy your time as you help out – not to get burned out and dislike the experience. We each do what we can.

I wasn’t able to make it to the meetings/first event. Can I still attend events later in the school year?

  • Yes! Don’t be afraid to join events. EOH has plenty of new members starting throughout the year. Come and see which events you enjoy.
  • Many of our members come alone to a few events and often end up making new friends. Some also enjoy the events a lot and bring in their old friends to events as well.

Why are so many events held at engineering buildings?

  • EOH was started in 2007 by Davis Doan and friends who were engineering students. Many of the initial events were held at GB, SF, BA, and because of the success of events at those locations, we’ve continued to organize events at the engineering buildings. We have also begun holding some events to Sidney Smith as well.
I’ve recently graduated. Could you please take me off the mailing list? 
Habitat for Humanity

I’d like to attend the Habitat for Humanity build, but I don’t have any construction experience.

  • No construction skills are necessary! Each participant on a build is put into a 3-4 person crew with a crew leader experienced in construction. Each person is taught how to perform the task on that build. The tasks vary with each build and at the different build sites.

I’ve just received an email about an upcoming Habitat for Humanity build. I’m a female and I’m wondering how much physical effort the build involves.

  • EOH has had many females out at builds; we’ve also had a women’s build as well. Safety is an important issue at the builds, and crew leaders will only assign you tasks that you feel comfortable doing.
  • Women who have expressed this (or similar) concerns find that they really enjoyed going on the build and were surprised what they could accomplish on the build site when they pushed themselves.

$50 is a bit steep, to be able to go on a build…

  • We get it. ‘Student’ isn’t exactly a high-paying profession. EOH, then, tries to subsidize part of this (~$10), so anyone who would like to go on a build, can. Note: Our ability to subsidize depends on how much funding EOH receives and how much we fundraise at our pizza/bake/etc. sales.
  • $50 is the donation to buy the supplies that you use to build the house on the build. Know that 100% of the donation goes towards building supplies (i.e. 0% goes towards administrative costs – that’s paid for by Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores).
Sandwich Runs

Why are Sandwich Runs held in the evening?

  • EOH usually holds sandwich runs from 5pm-8:30pm. A typical schedule is: (5:00) assemble sandwich bags (5:45) eat dinner (6:25) visit a homeless shelter and walk the streets. At around 6:30 is the time that those on the street will start settling down for the evening, whether it be in a shelter or somewhere ‘safe’ on the streets.

I’d like to attend part of the Sandwich Run, but need to leave early – is that fine?

  • Participants don’t have to stay til the end of the sandwich run. If you need to leave, it’s fine! You just need to inform the organizer at the run that you need to leave early.
  • At the end of a run (which happens when we run out of sandwich bags or it gets late), participants are given a chance to debrief and share what they’ve learned/seen/experienced on the run.

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