About EOH

EOH’s main goals have been to help alleviate poverty in both the local and international community, while developing leadership skills and having fun!

The number and frequency of community-helping events depend on our members, what they want to do and what they can do. We also want to emphasize leadership and give members (old or new) the chance to take charge of their leadership development and organize events. And of course, we want people to meet new people, make new friends and have a good time.

Photos of our events can be found on our Facebook page: facebook.com/eyeshope?sk=photos.

EOH’s community-helping events

Affordable housing

  • UofT Habitat for Humanity Campaign – sponsor a UofT house and then build it!

Helping kids

  • Free the Children – education in Sierra Leone
  • World Vision – sponsor two children; fundraised for Sichuan earthquake relief

Homeless outreach

  • Sandwich Runs – make and give out sandwiches, while understanding and destigmatizing homelessness
  • Homeless shelter and food bank volunteering
  • Umbrella Painting – painting umbrellas with homeless youth as art therapy and to use as homelessness awareness

Projects that members wish to propose and lead!

Eyes Of Hope reaches $32 000 mark!

As of March 2011, Eyes of Hope has raised $32,000 for charity! Since the summer of 2007, we’ve raised $8650 for Free the Children (school inSierra Leone); $3830 for World Vision (2 sponsored children, 2008 Sichuan earthquake, 2011 Japan earthquake); $17900 for Habitat for Humanity; and $1200 for our sandwich run program! Thank you to all who have helped out in the past four years! 🙂

To highlight a few of EOH’s accomplishments:

Free the Children school
– Through building a school and education, we hope to end the cycle of poverty. We’ve now all raised and donated enough money ($8500) to build our school inSierra Leone! THANK YOU to all who made this possible!

Habitat for Humanity house
– We’re over 20% of the way done with our UofT house! We’ve fundraised over $23,000 of the $80,000 to build this home. This seemed like an overwhelming project when we first started, but it’s definitely doable; let’s finish this!


We can’t do what we do without you. Thank you!

University of Toronto Engineering Society
University of Toronto Department of Civil Engineering
University of Toronto Engineering Alumni Association
University of Toronto Students’ Union
Civil Engineering Club
Planet Pizza


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