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Eyes Of Hope reaches $32 000 mark!

March 15, 2011

As of March 2011, Eyes of Hope has raised $32,000 for charity! Since the summer of 2007, we’ve raised $8650 for Free the Children (school inSierra Leone); $3830 for World Vision (2 sponsored children, 2008 Sichuan earthquake, 2011 Japan earthquake); $17900 for Habitat for Humanity; and $1200 for our sandwich run program! Thank you to all who have helped out in the past four years!

To highlight a few of EOH’s accomplishments:

Free the Children school
– Through building a school and education, we hope to end the cycle of poverty. We’ve now all raised and donated enough money ($8500) to build our school inSierra Leone! THANK YOU to all who made this possible!

Habitat for Humanity house
– We’re over 20% of the way done with our UofT house! We’ve fundraised over $23,000 of the $80,000 to build this home. This seemed like an overwhelming project when we first started, but it’s definitely doable; let’s finish this!


2010-2011 Habitat for Humanity

March 9, 2011

This past school year, the University of Toronto chapters of Take Action! and Habitat for Humanity joined up with Eyes of Hope to help fundraise for the UofT Habitat Home. Together, we organized Habitat Week and UofT Talent Explosion.

Both events raised a total of $1000, which was matched dollar for dollar for a total of $2000 raised for Habitat for Humanity. $1000 went towards HFH Toronto and $1000 went towards HFH Haiti.


During Habitat Week (which took place the week of Oct. 4) students around UofT could learn more about Habitat for Humanity, and brought more attention to the UofT Habitat for Humanity Campaign.

Different events took place, including:
– Habitat Exhibition: The exhibition contained pictorial and verbal pieces related to HFH Toronto, depicting the effects this organization has had on volunteers and the families.
– Hammering Nails and Signing Messages: For a small fee, participants had the opportunity to hammer a nail into wooden planks, as well as write a message of support on 2×4 beams which were used to build HFH homes
–  Habitat Speakers: HFH staff, volunteers, and families explained the impact HFH has.
Sandwich Run: to end the week!


UofT_Talent_ExpUofT Talent Explosion featured some of UofT’s best talents, competing for cash prizes. The event was held on the evening of March 4, at the George Ignatieff Theatre. Audience members also got the chance to win a raffle as well.

In the end, a bharatanatyam number won the competition and the $150 prize (which the winner promptly donated back to the campaign – thank you!).

Hopefully we see many more talented acts (and you!) at the show next year!